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Friday, November 27, 2009

Shadow Box Privacy Fence Basics


If you're not familiar behind the idea of a shadow box fence, it's a design that uses pickets on both sides on the fence, set in an alternating fashion so that they allow for some visibility and for wind to pass through, as they cast shadows against each other. One of the coolest and most overlooked features of a shadow box fence design is that the shadows that are cast, constantly change throughout the day, changing the look of the fence. Another big feature of this fence style is that it looks the same on both sides and is therefore also commonly known as a good neighbor fence.
Shadow Box Fence Design

Shadow Box Cost Estimate Per Foot
6 ft Pressure Treated Pine $12.50 - $16.00
8 ft Pressure Treated Pine $16.50 - $22.00
6 ft Western Red Cedar $17.00 - $23.50
8 ft Western Red Cedar $21.00 - $27.50  
(This is an estimated average cost for this style fence to be installed, based on over 200 fence companies across the US.)
Shadow Box Fence Pictures
These pictures are of a 6 ft tall western red cedar shadow box fence and were provided by Pro Fenceworks™fence company in Georgia. This fence was professionally installed by their company in Atlanta. If you have pictures from your projects that you would like me to add, shoot me an email.

Here you can see how this fence allows for no visibility when facing it perpendicular.

And here you can see that looking down a shadow box fence will allow for some visibility as well as wind to pass through. Also, notice the shadows on the ground and the light that is allowed through.
Here you can see the top of the cedar dog-eared pickets as they go down hill, with the beautiful city of Atlanta in the background.
This is a cool picture, as it really shows how well this fence was built. A good privacy fence will have a smooth "rolling" top as it goes up or down hills and this one could not be any smoother.
And back down the hill...

Well, that's it for this post on shadow box fences. Please provide your input on what you like or don't like about this fence design, questions or comments about it and prices that you have paid, been quoted for or sold this style fence for. I look forward to hearing your comments.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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andrew said...

I would say that 3 out of 10 of my customers that purchase a privacy fence, insist that it look the same on both sides. We always end up going with the shadow box.

karen said...

Those are great looking pictures.

Jamierocks said...

It's a nice style and looks very well built but I like fences to be really dark.

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